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Kineto For Organizations

School, instructor, or organization? Learn how we can help you preserve and distribute your productions to your students, staff, alumni, cast members, and participants.

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Kineto For Individuals

Looking to start watching content from your favorite organizations? Sign up today, subscribe to creators and then download the app for your TV.

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Build a Memory Library

Subscribe to your favorite organizations to access performances and events or upload your own content. Have access for years to come.

Watch on TV

Designed with watching on TV in mind, Kineto is the first streaming platform where your memories are the main attraction.


Private and Secure

Unlike public video platforms like YouTube™, Kineto is designed with privacy in mind. No ads. No algorithms harvesting your images or information.

Support the Arts

When you subscribe to a School, theater, music group or instructor, proceeds go directly back to that organization.

Share with Loved Ones

Make sharing memories easy and safe. Simply provide a link to a video and your friends and family can watch.

Instant Access

Cloud based, anyone can upload content in seconds. Our independent service means you can watch on all of the major steaming devices.

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For Organizations

Easy upload and admin

Now you can easily share your productions with members of your organization or school. Bring your organization into the 21st century. Gone are the days of DVDs, VHS, or uploading to YouTube.

Securely share performances, sporting events, competitions, recitals in a copyright compliant manner.

Options are available for creating a new revenue source for your program.

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For Individuals

Memories at the click of your remote.

Relive a memory or share it with a loved one. All from the comfort of your couch.

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Want to know more?

Contact us for tailored support, whether you’re an organization seeking professional solutions or an individual user looking for personal assistance.