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Embrace a new era of digital engagement with Kineto, your key to preserving and watching high-quality video content from the keepsake concerts, plays, and performances.

By creating your Kineto account, you not only get unparalleled access to amazing events but also support the organizations behind these creative endeavors.

Sign up today and enjoy these performances where you love to watch.

Family watching screen together in living room

Embrace the future of video with Kineto.


Elevate Your Viewing Experience

Secure and User-Friendly

Enjoy a seamless, secure viewing experience. Kineto prioritizes your privacy and ensures a smooth journey from sign-up to streaming.

Easy Access to a Diverse Library

Immerse yourself in a rich collection of videos from various creative organizations. With Kineto, the best in entertainment is just a click away.

Tailored to Your Preferences

Customize your viewing journey. Kineto’s user-friendly interface allows you to personalize your content feed and revisit your favorites with ease.

Why Join Kineto?

Support + Enjoy

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Support Your Favorite Organizations

Every view counts. Your engagement through Kineto directly supports the organizations and artists that create the performances you love.

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Memories that Last Forever

Relive the magic of your favorite events whenever you wish. With Kineto, cherished performances are always at your fingertips.

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Versatile Viewing Options

Watch anywhere, anytime. Kineto lets you enjoy videos both via the web and on TV, through popular set-top boxes like Apple TV, Fire TV, or Google TV.

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Are you ready to explore a world of artistic excellence and support the creators behind it? Sign up for Kineto now and gain access to an exceptional range of performances, available both online and through your preferred set-top box. Create your account and start supporting and enjoying unique video content today!