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What is Kineto?

Kineto is a custom-built video archival service designed with viewing in mind. Organizations like schools, music groups, or instructors can record and share events and performances with participants. Video content is only available to subscribers and can be watched on mobile devices, computers, AND on TV via Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, etc.

Who is Kineto designed for?

Semi-professional and amateur content creators looking to share recordings of events and performances in a private, secure way. 

I'm a school, music group, dance or music instructor or the like. How do I create an account and get started?

Reach out to us via our registration form to start the sign up process.

I'm a student or parent viewer. How do I create an account?

Simple. Sign up here.  ALSO make sure to download the TV app for Apple, Android, FireTV and other platforms.

What does it mean to "subscribe" to an organization or creator?

In order for a viewer to access videos from a creator, they must subscribe to that organization.  This process is free and helps to ensure privacy and security. Once you have created your individual viewer account, simply click the “subscribe to a creator” link and answer one or two questions.  Once the creator organization has approved your request, you will be able to start watching and licensing content.

Is Kineto free?

Access to the basic version of Kineto is free. Creators might charge a small fee to license content.

Who has access to my videos?

Privacy and ease of access is core to Kineto. Only approved viewers have access to content.