Kineto for Organizations

Transforming Your Video Content Experience

Video recording of play performance

Kineto is a groundbreaking solution designed for organizations like yours that bring art and performance to life.

Whether you are orchestrating concerts, plays, or other dynamic performances, Kineto revolutionizes how you store, share, and monetize your events.

Video recording of play performance

Embrace the future of video with Kineto.


Designed with Your Organization’s Needs in Mind

Cloud-Based Video Storage

Your videos are safe with us. Our persistent, cloud-based storage solutions ensure your content is secure and perpetually accessible.

Secure Sharing, No Public Hosting

Share your content with confidence. Kineto lets you distribute your videos securely, without the need for public video hosting platforms like YouTube.

Effortless, Economical Start-up

Get stared with Kineto effortlessly. Our basic tier is offered at no cost to your organization, ensuring a smooth and budget-friendly start-up.

Key Benefits

Unleash the Power of Your Events

Videographer recording musical performance

Treasured Memories, Always Accessible

Allow your participants and audience to relive their favorite moments. With Kineto, everyone involved in your events can keep and view a copy of the video, anytime and anywhere.

Generations of a family on a couch watching tv together

Preserve Today, Relish Tomorrow

Your events are timeless. Kineto ensures that every performance, play, or concert is preserved for future reference, helping you maintain a digital legacy of your artistic endeavors.

Generations of a family on a couch watching tv together
Teach with students in classroom

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Kineto opens up innovative avenues for monetization. Provide access to your videos and introduce a new way to support and grow your program financially.

Bring Kineto to Your Organization Today!

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